Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tis The Season

With the world economy in turmoil and a high-level of uncertainty in our professional lives, this holiday season is a great time to remember what we are actually celebrating.

Often around this time of year, it is common to hear people say that we should limit or even forgo giving gifts and instead, focus our attention on family and our loved ones. This they say is much more in tune with what the Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday season is all about. At TisBest, we think this is a good start, but only half the picture.

As consumer spending drops and household budgets become tighter in this economic atmosphere, the world’s charities are finding it exceedingly difficult to meet the needs of those they serve. Food banks are nearly empty, pledges are down from years past, and our focus is being increasingly narrowed on our own needs. As disappointing as this is to hear, we know that now more than ever, every dollar we give and everything we do is going to make a big impact.

To round off the above picture for this holiday season, we think that giving intentionally is the way to go. This could mean giving our family something they truly need, or giving them the means to make an impact in the lives of those much less fortunate. A TisBest charity gift card is the perfect first step for this, as it includes both the gift giver and receiver in the act of giving.

We also suggest you take a look at our friends at Celebrate Green for other intentional gifts that are good for keeping the focus on what’s important.

Happy Holidays!


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