Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help us Pick a New Christmas Charity Gift Card!

Thanks for voting!  We're eager to see what you pick.  We will announce the winner on Friday, November 26th, just in time for Christmas shopping!

The TisBest Team


Anonymous said...

All of these designs have at least a tangential religiously-oriented theme. What about those of us who are not religious but would still like to make donations on behalf of others during this season just because it's a hard time of year for many.
Stuart Bair, M.D.

TisBest said...

Thanks for your perspective, Stuart. We've certainly chosen holiday-themed images here, though we've tried to choose pictures with a broad appeal to those who celebrate the season, be they religious or secular. Our image galleries hold all sorts of images--check out the "environmental" category for some really lovely options. And, since our cards are customizable, you can upload whatever image you like to them!

Thanks for reaching out!