Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Your Silliest Gift? A Video by Reel Grrls

Our Seattle Local charity partner Reel Grrls made these videos last year on Black Friday.  They braved the cold outside a downtown shopping center and asked passers-by two questions:  What's the silliest gift you've ever received?  Who's hardest to shop for?

And after you've checked out the videos, tell us your answers in the comments: what's the strangest, silliest gift you've ever been given?  Who do you have trouble finding a meaningful gift for?

Cheers to the crew at Reel Grrls, who help guide and empower young women through teaching them the ins and outs of filmmaking.  And thanks as well to the amazing grrls who made the videos!  They do an awesome job--check out their other projects here.

Tisbest: What's the silliest gift you've ever received? from Reel Grrls on Vimeo.

Tisbest: Who's Hardest to Shop For? from Reel Grrls on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving!
the TisBest Team


rac said...

I got a size XXL sweatshirt (crew neck) with a picture of a cat and some books that said "Cats. Books. Life is good." I was 21.

And my dad is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for (in the fine tradition of all dads everywhere). He's listened to all the music that exists on this earth, he's read every book there is, and he owns seven identical denim shirts, which he wears on a daily basis.

TisBest said...

Here are the TisBest staff’s silliest gifts:

Chad: My wife and I received a pair of bride-and-groom oven mitts for a wedding present. Though we were referred to as “newlyweds” for the first two years of our marriage, the oven mitts didn’t make it two weeks!

Erik: A thermometer, mounted in a ceramic lighthouse with plastic flowers at the base of the lighthouse, which says “Not for Outdoor Use.”

Jon: My brother, whom I love like a brother, gave me a double beer can upside down chicken cooker.

Tegan: A knit ear of corn, made out of sustainable fibers by Andean artisans for unfathomable purposes.